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Coach Tae's Story

My name is Lavonte Barnett known in the fitness industry as Coach Tae. Growing up, fitness was my lifestyle due to my year round participation in youth sports including soccer, basketball, flag football, contact football, volleyball, baseball, and tack & field. I was and remain an avid outdoor explorer, something I cultivated at a young age through family and school trips, boy scouts, and an insatiable curiosity. Over time with the support of friends and family, I learned to blend curiosity and hard work into on and off the field success earning a scholarship to attend Oregon State University and play football for the Beavers. 


In 5 years I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. 3 tough years into my football career at Oregon State I earned  a starting spot at defensive end and in my senior year some defensive tackle as well. My time at OSU challenged me mentally, physically, and spiritually beyond imagination. In that time I was able to test, refine, and re-test my fortitude, dedication, and most importantly, my heart. In early 2017, I decided to hang up my cleats and shift my focus to the fitness industry where I could take all of the expertise I learned in how to train, fuel, and recuperate my body and apply it to those in need. 

This led me to a great two year experience at Orangetheory Fitness, which in turn led me to an opportunity to partner in opening a new F45 Training Studio and over the course of the next two years exposed me to the business knowledge necessary to start my own company called TAE.logic LLC in early 2020. specializing in digital fitness. Every workout and program is written sourcing from a wide variety of tested and proven training modalities with a core focus in functional training. The end goal of TAE.logic Fitness workouts are to maximize your ability get results and to apply the information learned in each session, to your daily lifestyle demands. 


I believe that access to sustainable and holistic fitness resources is an essential component of a healthy and exuberant life. TAE.logic Fitness is determined to prove to all that health and wellness is achievable when you establish a fitness routine inclusive of daily habits that are conducive to total body health. I have designed TAE.logic Fitness to provide a comprehensive and detailed holistic fitness experience through daily workouts, 1 on 1 consultations, personalized programs, personal & group training, group class coaching, and expanding educational resources. 

My cumulative experience in the athletic and fitness industry as an athlete, mentor, trainer, and coach is the foundation of the TAE.logic Fitness brand and ethos The TAE Way  a lifestyle that prioritizes the daily habits and lifestyle principles of holistic fitness to manifest lasting results in Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

From learning how to translate strength & conditioning to my "on the field" performance, to teaching my clients and members how to translate their fitness routines to their "lifestyle" Back where it all began...
- Oregon State University -

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