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New Year New You? Here's how to make a resolution that lasts...

The new year is here and with it the newest wave of new year's resolutions. This is finally the year that you are going to see all of your dreams and ambitions come true, right? Maybe.. Maybe Not.. I believe the success of your New Year New You vision is based largely on the approach you take to setting new goals for yourself and more importantly, the plan of action that you establish to build the habits necessary to sustain any positive change in your mental, spiritual, or physical self. Sustainable change, as it pertains to health & wellness must be made in progressive steps in order to leverage the momentum that comes from successfully developing positive habits.

Ok… First and most importantly, conduct a detailed and honest assessment of your current health & wellness standing. You might think this is not something you can do on your own… I would tell you I believe otherwise. In my time learning about the human body in study and in experience it has become apparent the limitless nature of what the body can do. One of our body’s more pivotal functions is its ability to assess the status of function of the systems that together are and operate the human body (endocannabinoid, skeletal, musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, renal, renal, endocrine, lymphatic, and integumentary). The disconnect lies in your ability or inability to connect and tap into this special, often unconscious, yet continuous process of self function analysis. You can simplify this process down to take 20 seconds or more to stop everything, close your eyes, and focus on breathing in through your nose pulling air down into your belly, and pushing that air out through your mouth as you try to touch your belly button to your spine (metaphorically speaking of course). Your main goal in doing this breathing technique is to provide your mind an opportunity to make conscious the status of function of your body’s operating systems. Put more simply, you are breathing to assess how you feel.. Physically.

Second… Take some time to reflect on the year coming to an end. What trends, patterns, habits, and decisions can you identify and attribute to the way that you feel physically, mentally, and spiritually? I believe it is more often than not the things left unaddressed, whether you are aware of it or not, that lead to failed new year’s resolutions. For example, every year there are individuals that set a goal to improve their health but never choose to even acknowledge the role that their eating habits or diet choices “might” have in their current health status. This is an example of turning a possible advantage in your new year’s resolution pursuit into a disadvantage and likely disruptor.

Third and lastly… Choose 1 to 3 of the habits that you identified as disruptors to focus on changing. The benefit of having now done the work to properly determine where you are and what got you there, you can now effectively develop a plan of action to change your health status and the overall trajectory of your health and wellness experience.

~ Coach Tae

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