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Meet Your Coach

Lavonte Barnett

Lavonte Barnett (known as Coach Tae) is a holistic fitness lifestyle coach specializing in athletic, group, and personal training. Coach Tae’s background in athletics started with soccer, volleyball, basketball, and baseball extending through college as a Division 1 football player at Oregon State University as a Beaver in the PAC 12 Conference. It was his upbringing in tandem with his exposure and access to elite trainers and equipment that ignited Coach Tae’s interest in human physiology, body mechanics, and functional training and his desire to share this empowering knowledge with those without the same resources.

Coach Tae’s love for training is based in his belief that good health is not only achievable but sustainable through a holistic approach to training programming inclusive of coaching on nutrition habits, workout preparation, workout style, workout intensity, recovery, body consciousness development, and wellness education. Whether you are participating in one of his virtual classes, in-person bootcamps, group classes, or tuning in for a virtual holistic fitness lifestyle workshop, Coach Tae guarantees that you will leave not only with the belief that YOU can achieve & sustain your health and wellness goals but with the knowledge to go out and do it!

Coach Tae is group fitness certified with over 10 years in the athletic training industry, over 6 years of group training experience leading over 3,000 classes, and over 4 years of 1 on 1 training experience. Coach Tae’s novel approach to training led him to founding his holistic fitness training company TAE.logic Fitness where he offers fitness consultations, 1 on 1 training, group training, and fitness education with membership service options. At the heart of TAE.logic Fitness’s ethos is the belief that all people have a right to accessible holistic fitness resources, and as such Coach Tae pushes the company to continually innovate on their mission to see true access to sustainable health & wellness resources become a basic human right to a healthy and exuberant life.

Take The TAE Way to true health!

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