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Fitness that builds you lasting RESULTS

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Get Results ANYWHERE with our LIVE online workouts!

Signature workouts of the week "WOW" focused on conditioningstability, strength, power, agility OR endurance

Sign up for one of our LIVE group fitness classes to stay motivated, improve your form, listen to your favorite music & enhance your results! 
Stream TAE.logic Fitness on any device or cast it big via Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast. 

RESULTS Driven - Lifestyle Adaptive - Lifetime Sustainable


Jenny G.

I learned a lot about how the body really works holistically and to incorporate more functional workouts. Coach Tae helped me realize I was not getting the results I wanted largely because I was targeting large muscle groups rather than training functionally!

Jenna D.

I am much more in tune with my warm up and cool down during my TAE.logic Fitness program. Coach Tae was very passionate about making me better and I noticed a significant difference in my recovery and energy levels!

Edward S.

TLF reduced my back pain and increased my flexibility. Coach Tae provided a great exercise regimen and in depth explanation of why the exercise works. I believe TAE.logic Fitness is helpful in correcting specific body ailments holistically!

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